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Aerobis - AlphaBand Workout Resistance Bands

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AlphaBand Resistance Bands

Fitness bands in 5 different strengths!

  • 5 strengths that can also be combined: Light, Medium, Heavy, XHeavy and Argh!

  • Antibacterial properties and easy to clean.

  • No latex, no smell, no allergies.

  • Stronger than rubber/latex and therefore many times smaller than latex bands.

  • Bands can be combined to represent any kind of resistance up to 150kg.

  • Made from high quality PU – Made in Germany.

  • Band resistances: 15, 20, 25, 35, 55 kg.

With alphaband Loops you can train anywhere and anytime. The narrow elastic bands welded into a ring are flexible, small and light. The Gym-to-Go fits in every pocket. Whether you are at home gym, travelling or in the park – alphaband loops offer targeted resistance for your muscles and make every exercise intensive and effective.

Complete a full body workout with alphaband loops. The different strengths are the perfect training basis for you, no matter if you are a beginner or professional. You will reach your training goals in a short time and with a lasting effect. The possibility to combine bands allows you to constantly set new training stimuli.

If you compare alphabands with dumbbells , two differences are noticeable. First, dumbbells are always used to train against gravity, i.e. roughly from bottom to top. Resistance bands also allow horizontal movements, where the resistance arises in the direction of pull or push. Secondly, the resistance of the fitness bands increases in relation to the stretch. This makes the workout especially joint-gentle. For example when bench pressing with fitness bands, the resistance is highest when the arms are completely stretched (lock-out). In the starting position, when the shoulders are in the weakest position, the resistance is also lowest. With the fitness bands you can do a strength training with moves from bottom to top, moves in the horizontal and from top to bottom.

10 reasons to buy AlphaBand Resistance Bands!
  1. Flexible: alphabands are super easy to transport and fit in every pocket. Experience a full-fledged fitness workout at home or just take the fitness bands with you to the park. The different band thicknesses ensure an intensive workout without the need for any additional equipment.
  2. For everyone: alphabands are available in different sizes, strengths and variations. No matter if you are a fitness newbie or a professional – here is a band for you guaranteed.
  3. Strong value for money: No more membership fees and fitness subscriptions. An alphaband is probably the most versatile training device at a small price. A one-time investment for your body and your health, which is worth it.
  4. Versatile & multifunctional: Whether strength training, stability or endurance – alphaband is suitable for all types of training and strengthens the whole body. While the focus of the exercises is often on larger muscle groups, you can of course also use the bands for small muscle groups and your deeper lying muscles.
  5. Very intense: More muscles are used due to the resistance and the absolute freedom of movement. Optimal: the highest muscle contraction is also the highest strain.
  6. Progressive: By varying the thickness of the ligaments, ligament combinations and distances, you create a training stimulus that makes your muscles grow. With a combination of the five different band strengths you can create a resistance of up to 150 kilograms. So who else needs dumbbells?
  7. Highly effective: Faster movements or a strong swing to make the weight appear lighter? There is no cheating when training with alphabands, because every exercise remains intensive…
  8. Gentle & safe: Training with the alphabands is not only easy on your joints but also reduces the risk of injury. The rounded edges and the velvety surface guarantee you a good grip, do not pull on skin or hair and make your training a safe experience. Above all, you do not handle weights that can fall or shift.
  9. Anti-bacterial alphabands are not made of latex, do not smell of chemicals and do not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. They are made in Germany and are easy to clean under the tap. The material alphabands are made of has antibacterial properties!
  10. Durable: The material of the alphabands is stronger than rubber and latex and becomes less brittle or cracked. Even when overstretched, the resistance bands tear less quickly and even UV rays can break alphabands through integrated UV filters. So you have long fun with your fitness bands!