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ATP - T432 Plus Thyroid Support

ATP Science

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Drive your metabolism with T432 Plus. Another amazing product by ATP Science that has no gender preference, effective for male and female you can expect:

  • Eliminates Reverse T3*
  • Boost Glucagon Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) and Leptin used to increase feeling of satiety, reduce cravings, and increase metabolism
  • Directly stimulate cAMP and hormone sensitive lipase to burn fat
  • Support more balanced testosterone/estrogen ratio in cells to support more lean muscle and less body fat
  • Control adipokines** that can inhibit fat loss
  • Improve Insulin sensitivity


Utilising a unique combination of spices and superfoods to create a healthy metabolism, T432 Plus combines many forms of traditional medicines from a variety of cultures. Using superfoods which have been concentrated, combined with Zinc, Selenium and iodine to result in maximum efficacy, T432 Plus is the ultimate metabolic catalyst.

Using thyroid hormone conversion pathways in order to maximise thermogenesis, metabolic rate and thermogenic capacity is controlled and regulated, while supporting thyroid hormone production and maximising thyroid hormone release. This results in a breakthrough of fat loss, increasing powerful fat burning hormones and resulting in fat loss, increased testosterone and causing your body’s natural fat blasting efforts to go into overdrive.



Take 1 capsule with food. Capsules can be opened & sprinkled onto food or added to smoothies s desired.