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60 Caps of 10mg Mk677


  1. Increased Strength
  2. Increased Muscle size
  3. Increased Glycogen Retention
  4. Enhanced Recovery
  5. Increased Appetite 



Ibutamoren is an experimental substance which binds to the same receptors as ghrelin, a natural growth hormone secreted by enteroendocrine cells. Because it mimics this hormone so effectively, Ibutamoren is said to be a ghrelin receptor antagonist. Its anabolising, neuro-protective, lipolytic and anti-ageing properties are currently attracting significant scientific interest and are the subject of extensive investigation.

What are Ibutamoren’s effects?

In the body, MK-677 binds to ghrelin receptors on the surfaces of cells. This triggers a series of chain reactions including increased secretion of several hormones such as growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

These chain reactions are normally triggered by the action of ghrelin, a peptide hormone primarily released by endocrine cells in the intestines and stomach.

Ghrelin has various physiological effects such as regulation of appetite (2) and adipose tissue, as well as of carbohydrate and energy metabolism.

Recent studies have also demonstrated its role in cognitive function.


By mimicking ghrelin, MK-677 thus produces significant physiological benefits.