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Grenade - Strawberry Ice Cream Carb Killa Protein Bar (12 Bar Box)


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Say hello to the limited-edition Carb Killa® Strawberry Ice Cream bar! Nope, this bar doesn’t belong in the freezer, or come with a spoon, but Grenade don’t do normal and nor should you!

This exclusive, summer-edition flavour features a sweet strawberry filling, a thick white chocolate coating and is topped with crispy biscuit pieces.

Pack in some protein following a sweaty home-workout, enjoy during an evening stroll or save to snack on during your weekend Netflix binge – the Carb Killa® Strawberry Ice Cream bar can be eaten anywhere, at any time!

Grenade’s mystery strawberry-themed product has been revealed and finally released, and it is as we guessed and hoped, a new flavor of the brand’s top-rated Carb Killa protein bar.

The UK-based Grenade has nailed every flavor it’s attempted over the years, some more than others, but none have disappointed.

The newest member of Grenade’s Carb Killa menu is a sweet Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. The delicious-looking product features a tasty layer of strawberry on the inside, with crispy pieces on the outside, and all coated in white chocolate. As mentioned, Grenade has nailed every flavor it’s done for Carb Killa, so we have to imagine this is going to be another hit.