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ATP - GutRight Modbiotic Formulation

ATP Science

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GutRight by ATP Science is the next evolution in health and well being supplements. Designed with great care this powerful product will help to address a wide range of stomach conditions including Candida, SIBO, Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut. After over 15 years as a practising Naturopath ATP Science's Lead Innovator and Director Matt Legge established that while there are many different conditions and symptoms of poor Gut Health in a general sense the root cause and recommended treatment was the same.

He found that in most cases there was an increase in the presence of firmicutes (a group of "gram positive" stomach bacteria) and a decrease in the presence of Bacteroidetes (a group of "gram negative" bacteria). As for the treatment as mentioned, regardless of the presenting symptoms or diagnosed condition, the recommended course of action was often the same, that is, reduce sugar in the diet (to "starve" the Firmicutes), introduce more Fibre if the patient is deficient and introduce more polyphenol rich herbs and spices (such as cocoa, cloves, berries). This recommended treatment would result in the die off of excess Firmicutes and the rejuvenation of the Bacteroidetes which would in essence "rebalance" the gut microbiota (AKA Gut Flora) and help to alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions being diagnosed and so, GutRight and the GutRight Protocol was born.


  • Helps to rebalance the microbiota (Gut Flora) for optimal health
  • May alleviate symptoms of poor gut health such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea
  • May help to treat diagnosed stomach problems such as SIBO, Dysbiosis, Candida, Leaky Gut etc. 
  • Aids in reducing inflammation, insulin resistance, fatigue. 
  • Helps to make weight loss more achievable
  • Improves performance, energy and cognitive function



Gut Right contains a blend of high quality herbs, pulps and seeds which are high in Fibre and Polyphenols. As mentioned above, these polyphenols and fibres will help to nurture and rejuvenate the Bacteroidetes. In conjunction with taking GutRight, during your 10 day "kickstart" it is also recommended that you follow a low carb or Simple Carbohydrate Diet which will help to "starve" the Firmicutes as mentioned above to more quickly and efficiently restore the healthy microbiota.

Some of the key ingredients contained in Gut Right include Cacao, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Ginger, and Rosemary all of which are high in polyphenols. In addition to this ATP Science have added high fibre ingredients, such as Green Banana Resistant Starch, to support healthy Bacteroides development.


For best possible results, it is recommended to do a GutRight Kickstart, you will need 2 tubs of Gut Right to do this in the most effective way. 


For the first 10 days of your Gutright Kick Start it is recommended to follow a low carbohydrate or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) as mentioned above, this 10 day diet will help to starve the firmicutes which will make the Gut Right more effective at nurturing the microbiota. For more details on the SCD contact us.


Take 1 scoop of Gut Right 3 x Daily. 

To help mask the herbal taste of Gut Right we recommend having it with NoWay Protein not only will NOWAY help with the taste as it is a collagen protein it will also help to rebuild stomach lining and reduce any inflammation in the gut walls. 

During the first 7 days of using GutRight you may experience what is known as the Herxheimer "Die Off" effect. This occurs when the body goes through a process of killing off "bad bacteria", in this case firmicutes. The more bad bacteria your body needs to kill of the worse this die off effect can be, symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction can include migraines, nausea, general stomach discomfort and gas. These side effects normally last 1-3 days and whilst they may be uncomfortable the good news is the Gut Right is doing it's job!

Around days 5-7 you may notice a rather large increase in the size and frequency of your stools, this is due to the fact that all of the bad bacteria you have been killing are now exiting the building and adding to your fecal matter. 

By days 7 - 10 it should be pretty smooth sailing, your stomach health should be improving with most of the bad & dead bacteria being eliminated from your system. Any bloating should have diminished and your tummy should be feeling pretty good. Now, you are ready to go into maintenance mode! 


After you have completed your GutRight Kick Start you can continue to use GutRight on a daily bases with 1 scoop 1x daily. You can return to your regular healthy balanced nutrition. Again we recommend to add it into your protein to help with the taste and just before bed is also a good time to take it for a health morning movement.

We also recommend completing a Gut Right Kick Start up to 2x per year, the kick start comes in very handy after Bali holidays or periods of over indulging such as post Christmas.