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The Skinny Food Co. - Not Guilty Jam

The Skinny Food Co.

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The Skinny Food Co. Low Sugar, Low Calorie Strawberry Jam (260g)

Okay so we know with regular jams/spreads/conserves etc, there is often hidden unnecessary sugar content, this is when a healthy breakfast staple can turn into a calorific, sugar-laden horrorshow! Thanks to the awesome Skinny Food Co. guys we no longer need to worry!! This tasty No Added Sugar Strawberry Jam contains 85% less sugar than your standard supermarket jam!

At only 7 calories per-serving this delicious breakfast essential is exploding with real strawberry goodness!! Perfect for spreading on some tasty low-carb bread, crumpets, bagels or swirl into oats or make a tasty breakfast bircher bursting with fruity goodness!! We can assure you these jams and spreads are the tastiest around!!

High in fibre, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low calorie...The Skinny Food Co. have yet again put one of our favourite foods back on the menu!